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Cultural Heritage and Attractions

Pinaghamokan Shrine

In this place, Filipino soldiers bravely defended their hometown against Japanese Imperial. This shrine was made on June 1, 1988 under the administration of Hon. Joel Amando A. Diestro through the Philippine Centennial Movement (Real Chapter) in cooperation with the Philippine Veterans Federation of the Philippines. Located in Sitio Talisay, Barangay Capalong, Real, Quezon.

Atendido’s Residence

Located in Poblacion 1, Real, Quezon, the house of Councilor Benito F. Atendido was used as the first municipal hall of Municipal District of Real from 1960 to 1962.

Ruins of the Old Bridge

In 1803, Binangonan Del Ampon became part of Nueva Ecija, then of Laguna and later on Tayabas, now Quezon. During the same year, the land bridge connecting Baluti and Ungos disappeared due to high tides and rising sea water.

Tignoan Bridge

Tignoan Bridge is the first concrete bridge constructed in Real, Quezon.

Soldiers of Mercy

Barangay Tignoan depicts heroic rescue for the victims of Repador Tragedy during typhoon Winnie on November 29, 2004. According to the Commander of Southern Luzon AFP, he said that at time and a place where great pain, sorrow and loss of lives overwhelmed the people of Real, Infanta and Nakar. The soldiers were there, quietly and unwaveringly conducting search, rescue and relief operations. Their names may no longer matter, their faces forgotten but what they did here will forever be enshrined in the hearts of a grateful people.

Light Tower

The light tower was earlier a tall watch tower served as view decks which forewarned the inhabitants and provided them time to prepare against the pirates. It is located in Barangay Ungos.

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