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Gender and Development

Comprehensive Development Plan (2020-2026)

A. Social Development Plan

        a. Introduction

This sector aims to improve the quality of life of every Realeño, ensure the attainment of equality among individuals and provide quality and accessible social services to develop each citizens potential towards empowerment and self-reliance. The fulfillment of its vision is a collaboration of multi sectoral planning gearing towards opening its gates to opportunities, taking into consideration the balance between development and environment while maintaining the values, morals and pride of Realeño.

The Social Development Plan was drawn from participative consultations and workshops with different stakeholders in Real. The tools and techniques used were participatory, comprehensive and realistic considering the dimensions of health, sanitation and nutrition, education, protective services, social welfare, sports and recreation and housing. The process started from the identification of the sector’s challenge and opportunities and understanding the vision of the municipality of Real. The discussions detailed the issues and concerns with corresponding goals, objectives and targets to successfully design appropriate actions in a form of policies, programs, projects, strategies, and legislations all embodied in this path.

        b. Issues and Concerns

The issues and concerns were identified focusing on the current state of Realeño. In summary, the major issues that beset the   social sector health cutting across other sectors include the following;

        a.) Gender and Development

    1. Lack of Plantilla Personnel for GAD/GFPS
    2. Lack of Permanent Office space for GAD/GFPS
    3. Need for continuous use of Harmonized Gender And Development Guidelines (HGDG) GENDER RESPONSIVE LGU (GERL) TOOL or GAD Mainstreaming monitoring and evaluation in all PPAs
    4. Lack of Policy Legislation in support to programs addressing gender issues
    5. GAD Budget not only for regular programming but also to GAD attribution

Goals, Objectives, Targets and Strategies

Gender and Development
Dedicated and competent manpower to GFPSTo hire competent and dedicated GFPS Personnel to meet the demands of Gender Mainstreaming ProgrammingHire additional Personnel by 2020Increased level of gender mainstreamed PPAs through hiring of dedicated GFPS Personnel
Permanent Office Space/Facility for GFPSEnsure permanent space and facility for productive workplace100% full staffing by 2025Formulate and implemented staff development plan GFPS
GAD Responsive PPAsTo maximize use of Harmonized Gender And Development Guidelines (HGDG) Gender Responsive LGU (GeRL) Tool and other monitoring and evaluation system in all PPAs100% adoption of legislation by 2025Gender responsive policies supportive of addressing gender issues.
Gender Responsive PoliciesTo formulate, adopt, monitor policy legislation in support to addressing gender issues100% adoption of legislation by 2025Gender responsive policies supportive of addressing gender issues
GAD Budget allocated not only for regular programming but to GAD attributionTo ensure all PPAs with GAD funding in regular GAD Programming and appropriated 5% in all department PPAs and Budget as attributionAll PPAs maximized the 5% GAD funding in the regular GAD Programming and appropriated 5% in all department PPAs and Budget as attributionReviewed GAD Fund utilization and appropriated 5% GAD Fund per sectoral PPAs
Health, Nutrition and Sanitation
Competent Manpower for the Health Sector         Gender Responsive policy Plan Budget and Data Base in all Health, Nutrition and Sanitation PPAsTo hire competent health personnel required to meet the demands of the health and sanitation sectorHire additional health professionals by 2020Intensification of Health Facility and Human Resource Program including hiring of competent and dedicated health professionals
Zero Open Defecation Certified MunicipalityTo ensure all households with sanitary toilets100% household served with potable water by 2020Intensification of the Sanitation Program that includes Community- Led Total Sanitation Zero Open Defecation (CLTS-ZOD)
 To continue the distribution of water closets and subsidy for construction of sanitary toilets to existing households with no facilities100% completed installed sanitary toilets by 2020 in all householdsProvision for toilet bowls for households with prepared area for installation
 To monitor the installation of water closets and construction of sanitary toilets to existing households with no facilities  
Safe water for all RealeñoTo ensure the distribution of potable water to all households100% of all households have access to potable water 
        Healthy citizens promoting awareness in lifestyle changeTo allocate space for the inter- Local Health ProgramHospital (Claro M. Recto District Hospital in Infanta, Quezon) that is accessible by all citizens whether located in other municipalities like Gen. Nakar, Infanta, Panukulan led by the provincial government of QuezonIntensification of the Inter-Local Health Program (Main office in the District Hospital)
 To facilitate the creation of pool of health for the proposed inter-local health programFacilitate the creation of pool of health professionals for the proposed inter-local health programHiring of competent and dedicated health professionals for the future demands of the inter-local health program
Descent Resting Placed for the DepartedTo allocate and develop land for a new public cemetery   To comply with the laws and ordinances related to burial grounds   

Orderly public cemetery in 2020

Formulation of Policy on Public Cemetery     Establishment of a new public cemetery
Globally Competitive Realeño ready to meet the demands of highly technical and skill-based JO marketTo provide quality educational facilities that are disaster-resilient and conducive for more learning opportunitiesDecrease the OSY rate from 2.85% to 0% within 15 yearsImprovement and Intensification of Primary and Secondary Education Program and Improvement of Facilities of Educational Establishment of Municipality of Real
Gender Responsive Policy, Plan, Budget Base in all Education PPAsTo partner with private institutions in financing new schools sites, additional school buildings, relocation of school building from danger zones and equip these schools with the required facilities such as faculty rooms and laboratoriesEnter into a private partnership for financial and technical assistance in improving and development of school facilities by 2020Provision for Private and Public Partnership on financial assistance for the improvement of educational infrastructure and materials including the acquisition of new site extensions, additional school buildings and relocation of schools buildings from danger zones
 To provide schools with learning materials Establishment of recreational facilities (covered court), faculty rooms, laboratories, learning areas and pathways in all primary and secondary schools.
Safe and secured environment for school children and facilities that are technologically equipped, and disaster-resilientTo allocate site for the modern civic center such as public library and cater to modern learning techniques to all citizens and tourists.   To intensify advocacy campaign on bullying in school, cyber pornography and banning video games harmful to the psychological and physical well being of boys and girls.New civic center with equipment by 2020           Integrated advocacy campaign plan on anti-bullying in school, cyber pornography and supervised video games used by boys and girls.Establishment of a modern Civic Center equipped with Public Library and Museum       Strengthened functionality of school based anti bullying mechanism and functionality of the BCPC in 17 Brgys.
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