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Gender and Development

Goals and Objectives

As a development approach, GAD seeks to equalize the status and condition of and relations between women and men by influencing the process and output of policy making, planning, budgeting, implementation and monitoring , and evaluation so that they would deliberately address the gender issues and concerns affecting the full development of women.

Gender Responsive

  • Equal access for women to basic transport and energy infrastructure
  • Investment in women’s health and nutritional status
  • No literacy gap between men and women
  • High percentage of women and men in paid jobs
  • Equal employment rate for men and women
  • High percentage of women and men in paid jobs
  • Equal employment rate for men and women
  • Increased number of women in managerial positions
  • Wage equality between men and women
  • Availability of government- provided childcare
  • Number of years a female has been head of the government/department (local)
  • High percentage of births attended by skilled health staff
  • Low maternal and infant mortality rates


  • Seal of Good Local Governance Awardee
  • Electronic systems and processes on planning, personnel, business processing, budgeting, accounting, cashiering, and legislative archiving
  • Absence of adverse COA findings
  • No corruption cases against officials and employees
  • Full liquidation of cash advances
  • Consistent Performance Based Bonus (PBB) recipient
  • Decrease in Municipal Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) dependence by 20%
  • Decreased Barangay IRA dependence by 15%


  • Increased revenue per capita by 15%
  • Grievance boxes are installed in the municipal and barangay halls
  • 100% resolution of complaints filed through the CSC hotline, grievance boxes, and others
  • Sustained 25% of POs, NGOs, CSOs membership to the Local Development Council (LDC)
  • Full participation of accredited POs, NGOs, CSOs in the planning implementation and monitoring and evaluation of PPAs
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