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Livelihood Training (Dishwashing Making) for 4th Platoon 1stqpmfc and Awarding of Poetry Making Contest

In conjunction with Peace and Order Public Safety Carvan Week Municipality of Real – Aksyon Diretso partner Kkdat Realeño conducted Livelihood Training (Dishwashing Making) for 4th Platoon 1stqpmfc and Awarding of Poetry Making Contest. Ms. Jay Ann Buergo Empreso – KKDAT Realeño Morale Spiritual Values Development Sector Chairwoman streamed the said program. This was started by the invocation of Mr. ROBERT TAPALLA ADUPE , KKDAT Realeño Secretary and MSVD Vice Chair. Following the message of PLT EMER O HALILI, platoon leader of Fourth Platoon FirstQuezonpmfc the formal opening of the program. Following are the messages of the Real Quezon town councilors Kgg. Amelie Astrera Penamante , Kgg. Amanda Sharon Diestro Domingo, Kgg. si Realyn Reyes , MLGOO of Real, Quezon and Ms. Seth Almonte , KKDAT Realeño Council Officer. Sir PMAJ JOSEPH C CARLIT, Force Commander of FirstQuezon Pmfc Qppo Pcad also gave an inspirational message as a guest speaker in the said event. KGG arrived at last. Doyle Joel Marquita Diestro the capital pillar of Real, Quezon and gave message and support to our lineage and our KKDAT Realeño.
The next part will be the announcement and prize giving to the Online Poetry Making winners that they won;
1st Prize – Section C. Boragay “Tomorrow Has Promise”
2nd Prize – Heaven Ged Garcia Delica “Holding to Love
3rd Prize – Rica Lupanggo Sollorano “My Dearest”
KGG arrived at last. Mayor Bing Diestro-Aquino ,Capital of Real, Quezon for the support and also gave an inspirational message for the youth. The Dishwashing Liquid of KKDAT Realeño will be bought by the Local Government and promote it in tourism, and given by kgg. Aquino of Certificate of Appreciation si PMAJ CARLIT as a Guest Speaker.
PLT HALILI immediately started teaching KKDATs how to make Dishwashing Liquid and the participants can learn it easily.
Last part (Closing Remarks) message Mr. Siegfred America , KKDAT Realeño Vice President.
The said program was successful and thank you very much for the support of the Local Government of Real, Quezon headed by Kgg. Diana Abigail D Aquino, Municipal Mayor and Town Council headed by Kgg Doyle Joel M. Right Hand, Municipal Vice Mayor.
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