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Please Read.

Quick review:
1. The surge is real.
2. Masks and face shields are your ARMOR. Do not take them off in public. Wear them properly and consistently.
3. Do not eat with people who are not part of your household. Period.4. The variants are here and they are a problem. But 2 and 3 will work against ALL of the variants.
5. All approved vaccines will protect against severe COVID-19. Take the first vaccine that is offered if you are eligible. Even if vaccinated, still practice 2 and 3.
6. The virus, regardless of variant, is VERY contagious. Hospitals are full and whole households are getting infected. If you are exposed or develop symptoms, inform the LGU or your doctor NOW. The longer you wait, the more people will be infected.
We’ve been here before and we can get out of it if we continue to protect each other. It’s always darkest before dawn and I hope this is the last surge of our pandemic.
Stay safe!

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